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Heavy-hitting bass and gritty lyrics set the tone for this drill anthem, evoking a sense of urgency and intensity.

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410 - Song Lyrics

Its offgrid
Its 4:10, I'm on the 410
Me&my dawg just made a fortune
This time i want all, not the portion
Its 4:10, I'm on the 410

Welcome to the Region of Peel
It's getting scary
I been on road for

the cheese
I love dairy
I been screaming fuck the opps
I know they hear me
I been grippin on my steel
Fuck if they fear me
Don't die playing superman
You ain't Clark Kent
Motherfuckers thought I died
But I ain't start yet
Where I'm from
It's no face no case
You can get your top lit up
Like you sitting in a Wraith

I'm nasty, got hits like that homie
From Degrassi My homies in the front
With two bitches in the backseat

Paparazzi harass me
Shit getting flashy
All my homies down to ride
Just like a taxi
Malton da munda
Brampton ch gunda
On the 410 gaddiya
De vich hunda
Bumping 2pac gallan
Lok'aan di nah suna
I don't listen to you peasants Man
I do what I wanna

Jatt kaim aa
Sadda time aa!
Vairi rehnda satho dekh
Seham seham aa
Dekh aukha saddi
Gallan nu hai sehna
Faida chakk bhajje
Naam ni main lena
Look at me now
Hun oh dekh Sippin champagne
Like I know Drake!
Tension ni lende par krde aa chill
Brampton aake dekhli rkhde
Ni dhill

Its 4:10, I'm on the 410
Me&my dawg just made a fortune
This time i want all, not the portion
Its 4:10, I'm on the 410

Its 4:10, I'm on the 410
Me&my dawg just made a fortune
(Sidhu moose wala)
This time i want all, not the portion
(Aye aye)
Its 4:10, I'm on the 410

410, b-twon, hauli-hauli gaddi jave
Chobar plaze vich gede kddi jave
Ring-ring-ring utton phone vajji jave
Phone 'te Toronto ikk naddi saddi jave

Laal-laal akh'aan aala gehra hoyi janda
Jive-jive ambr'aan te hnehra hoyi janda
Chobar di kalli-kalli budak di naad
Loka bhaa de hun ta savera hoyi janda

Diggi ch dracco aa te dhaun vich killa
Brampton bigde hoye jatta da ya tilla!
Kaale sheeshe bass nal hunde vibrate
Kaali-kaali gadi vich vjje 'Ankhila'

Kill-kill-kill, ehe aa killer'aa da time
Real hustle baby, eh ni feelr'aan da
Dope bann-bann ke n sadk'aan te
It's '4:10' baby, eh aa dealer'aan da time

Stop sign te v gaddi hundi nhi stop
License plate dekh lukdeyaa opp
Pull-over karne de chakkr'aa ch poore
Jatt nal bhaley obsessed ne cop

Bhalde aa saale meri gaddi cho crack
Steeles Mclaughlin ton krde track
Ehna de te mere bass vision ch gap
Main easy money kehnde
Te eh kehnde aa black

Its 4:10, I'm on the 410
Me&my dawg just made a fortune
This time i want all, not the portion
Its 4:10, I'm on the 410
Its 4:10, I'm on the 410
Me&my dawg just made a fortune
(Made a fortune)
This time i want all, not the portion
(I want it all)
Its 4:10, I'm on the 410

J tenu pehl'on ni c pta
Mai v dil da ni mada
You know what i mean!
Rest in peace to the motherfukin'
GOAT baby

Name: 410 - Offgrid, Sidhu Moose Wala & Sunny Malton
File type: MP3(Android) & M4R(iPhone)
Duration: 30s
File Size: 469.97 KB
Downloads: 57

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