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The song is popular for its pumping hip-hop beats and powerful lyrics, which bring a confident and domineering vibe to the game.

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Express Yourself - Song Lyrics

Yo, man, it's a lot of brothers out there flakin' and perpetratin'
But scared to kick reality
Man, you've been doin' all this dope producing
But you ain't had a chance to show 'em what time it is
So w

hat you want me to do? ... (Express yourself)

I'm expressing with my full capabilities
And now I'm living in correctional facilities
Cause some don't agree with how I do this
I get straight, meditate like a Buddhist
I'm dropping flavor, my behavior is hereditary
But my technique is very necessary
Blame it on Ice Cube, because he says it gets funky
When you got a subject and a predicate
Add it on a dope beat and that'll make you think
Some suckers just tickle me pink
To my stomach, cause they don't flow like this one
You know what? I won't hesitate to dis one
Or two before I'm through, so don't try to sing this
Some drop science, well I'm dropping English
Even if Yella makes it a cappella
I still express, yo I don't smoke weed or sess
Cause it's known to give a brother brain damage
And brain damage on the mic don't manage nothing
But making a sucker and you equal, don't be another sequel

Express yourself
(Come on and do it)
Express yourself
(Come on and do it)
Express yourself
(Come on and do it)
Express yourself

Now, getting back to the PG
That's program, and it's easy
Dre is back, new jacks are made hollow
Expressing ain't their subject because they like to follow
The words, the style, the trend, the records I spin
Again and again and again, yo, you on the other end
Watch a brother saying dope rhymes with no help
There's no fessing and guessing while I'm expressing myself
It's crazy to see people be
What society wants them to be, but not me
Ruthless is the way to go, they know
Others say rhymes that fail to be original
Or they kill where the hip-hop starts
Forget about the ghetto and rap for the pop charts
Some musicians curse at home
But scared to use profanity when up on the microphone
Yeah, they want reality but you won't hear none
They rather exaggerate a little fiction
Some say no to drugs and take a stand
But after the show they go looking for the dopeman
Or they ban my group from the radio, hear N.W.A and say "Hell no!"
But you know it ain't all about wealth as long as you make a note to...

Express yourself
(Come on and do it)
Express yourself
(Come on and do it)
Express yourself
(Come on and do it)
Express yourself

From the heart cause if you wanna start to move up the chart
Then expression is a big part of it
You ain't efficient when you flow
You ain't swift, moving like a tortoise, full of rigor mortis
There's a little bit more to show
I got rhymes in my mind, embedded like an embryo
Or a lesson, all of 'em expression
And if you start fessing, I got a Smith and Wesson for you
I might ignore your record because it has no bottom
I get loose in the summer, winter, spring and autumn
It's Dre on the mic, getting physical
Doing the job, N.W.A is the lynch mob
Yes, I'm macabre but you know you need this
And the knowledge is growing, just like a fetus
Or a tumor but here's the rumor
Dre is in the neighborhood and he's up to no good
When I start expressing myself, Yella slam it
Cause If I stay funky like this, I'm doing damage
Or I'mma be too hyped and need a straight jacket
I got knowledge and other suckers lack it
So, when you see Dre, a DJ on the mic
Ask what it's like, it's like we getting hype tonight
Cause if I strike, it ain't for your good health
But I won't strike if you just

Express yourself
(Come on and do it)
Express yourself
(Come on and do it)
Express yourself
(Come on and do it)
Express yourself
Name: Express Yourself - N.W.A
Category: Hip Hop
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