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Kaayi Ringtone

With its infectious beat and soulful vocals, this uplifting track will have you swaying and feeling pure bliss.

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Kaayi - Song Lyrics

Malakkam marinj kedann marinj
Keenj paanj lokham maari
Veli chaadi valapp maari
Theru chaanja thodu chaadi
Meyarinj kaalarinj
Njanakannu paatha maari
Kaalilaya choudi mannu
Thatti maati njan alanj
Koo

du vittu roohu maari
Kaara mullin moorchayeri
Chindhayonn orunnamonn
Vannu ananju munnilinnu

Woke up in the morning
Thinkin who should I call in
I fukc with many ain't stuck with any

Southinte keeshak kaayik scope
Kakkan ariyilla nayipenne nayipp
Araante keepett vann kai koop
Kaalam kettu kolam kettu kayyilaaki hype

Kaayi kaayi kaayi kaayi
Naayi naayi naayi naayi
Kaayi kaayi kaayi kaayi
Naayi naayi naayi naayi

Kaayi kaayi kaayi kaayi
Naayi naayi naayi naayi
Kaayi kaayi kaayi kaayi
Naayi naayi naayi naayi

Got bittches in my kitchen
Goin home with stitches
Saw glitches on my pictures
Fukin bored with the cliches
Lady lookin at my inches
While iam fukcing with the DJs

Dropping panties in my kitchen
Ain't regret for the patches
Licking pusssy like a kitten
Sticking pusssy on my dikc head
Throwing money for the bittches
Monee ninakilla tickets

Dhuniyavil aaranda
Njammak periyonu
Njaananda moothonu
Nikkanda korkaanu
Aahirathil aayirathil
Oruvanaayi njan negathi
Cheru thinnu kara kalanja
Aairangal njan parathi

Dhuniyavil aaranda
Njammak periyonu
Njaananda moothonu
Nikkanda korkaanu

Pereel ninnu kattadhalla
Veedu valappu vittadhalla
Vaapa thanna puthanalla
Podi eduth vittadhalla
Naayinem pattichadhalla

Naayinem pattichadhalla
Alla alla

Ente koot vita kaai maari
Njan kalicha naad maari
Ola menja pera polich
Chaanth oyicha car porch
Vann erangi benz caril
Chennu keri kanda baril
Bakthi vita naayi vaangi
Caro buso pooche pannyo

Panni haraamaattaaah

Kaayi kaayi kaayi kaayi
Naayi naayi naayi naayi
Kaayi kaayi kaayi kaayi
Naayi naayi naayi naayi

Kaayi kaayi kaayi kaayi
Naayi naayi naayi naayi
Kaayi kaayi kaayi kaayi

Njaanirunnu kaayimme
Kayyilante moothamma
Kaalakathi vechappo
Karipidicha thathamma
Njaanirunn kaayimme
Kayyilante moothamma
Kaalakathi vechappo
Karipidicha thathamma

Njaanirunnu kaayimme
Kaayimme kaayimme
Kayyilante moothammah
Name: Kaayi - BABY JEAN
File type: MP3(Android) & M4R(iPhone)
Duration: 32s
File Size: 501.4 KB
Downloads: 4819

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