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One Chance Ringtone

With its haunting melody and raw lyrics, this introspective ballad captures the bittersweet essence of missed opportunities and second chances.

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One Chance - Song Lyrics

I don't, I don't, I don't mind I'm in the flow, I'm feeling damn I'm on that heat, so I don't care If I'm in a plane I got my feet, they go up in 17 shades And every 17, it's summer, I'm taking heat Read More >>

I got a bullet in your mind Oh, oh, oh, I'm killing So close your eyes as I stick this crack up in your midst And in your mouth, so we ready for the gun Cause this is part two of the run, run, run, kill
Name: One Chance - MoonDeity
Category: Electronic
File type: MP3(Android) & M4R(iPhone)
Duration: 30s
File Size: 469.16 KB
Downloads: 3490

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