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Tu Tu Hai Wahi - Yeh Vaada Raha Ringtone

Tu Tu Hai Wahi - Yeh Vaada Raha MP3 Ringtone or M4R Ringtone free download. Over 1,000,000+ free high quality pop song ringtones shared by our talented community.

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Tu Tu Hai Wahi - Yeh Vaada Raha - Song Lyrics

तू है वही दिल में जिसे अपना कहा तू है चहाँ मैं हूँ बहाँ अब तो ये जीना तेरे बिन है सजा हो मिल जाए इस तरह दो लहले जिस तरह फिर होना जड़ा है ये बादर Read More >>

Name: Tu Tu Hai Wahi - Yeh Vaada Raha - Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle & R.D. Burman
File type: MP3(Android) & M4R(iPhone)
Duration: 35s
File Size: 549.32 KB
Downloads: 1451

Download free Tu Tu Hai Wahi - Yeh Vaada Raha ringtone for your mobile phone. You can download Tu Tu Hai Wahi - Yeh Vaada Raha ringtone as MP3 file for Android or M4R file for iPhone.

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